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Microsoft Word 95 (and 97 but fuck that shit) are word processors (wait did they seriously call it word because it processes words?)  mainly designed for use with businesses and document writing.

Writing an documentEdit

Writing an document is as easy as writing an page here. You just tape letters on your keyboard and it is on the screen. (Make sure what your typing isn't some alien language like this though, no-one can read that shit)



Clippy in the form of an shovel. Really does describe how he is shovelware.

Word 97 introduced the not-so-well received paperclip as part of the program. It's terrible because it constantly pops up trying to give you writing advice and trying to help you, but actually just makes thing stupider. There is no way to disable it popping up but once it has it can go away temporarily - Until you write the next document that is....


both word 95 and 97 were very well received when released, especially among businesses. However, word 97's ratings were slightly lowered due to the inclusion of that assholic paperclip.

As for said paperclip, He was the subject of many parodies for years to come. He was later removed on the windows XP document writer released in 2002/2003 (thank god) - Microsoft even made fun of as an marketing scheme when they were releasing it.

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