See, I told you it looks like an dump.

A shitty Battlestation is an setup for an computer, mainly intended for gaming. However, it ultimately falls flat on it's face due to poor cable management, clutter and trash surrounding the room, and it's specs come from hardware found on the spot. Shitty Battlestations are not to be confused with the inside of an dump, which happens to look fairly similar.


Shitty battlestations are famous for their low quality, even having an entire Subreddit dedicated to them. You'll find that images from the subreddit always manage to find their way onto google images when you search keywords such as "Bad gaming setups", "Worst setup ever", "Terrible computer setups", amd much more.

Not to be confused withEdit

  • An Dump
  • Retro Battlestations
  • What's inside your recycle bin (No not the one on your desktop, the one from reality)
  • Corrupted data
  • You on drugs
  • Compucycle - An computer comprised of parts taken apart from other computers, to make one machine. These usually use an free operating system, such as one of thousands linux distros. Shitty battlestations only consist of one computer's parts, and the operating system varies between free and not free.
  • An incomplete or temporary setup
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