Do I even need to explain these? abide by these rules and you won't get lolbanned.

Basic GuidelinesEdit

Page DesignEdit

  • In the case of video games, you can write an basic description of the plot (if any applicable), but don't write giant fucking essays worth for them and focus on (mainly) the terrible gameplay. 
    • You can also make fun of the plot, if you so wish.
  • Do not copy what other internet reviewers say about something, it's okay to agree with them, but don't literally just use what they said.
    • For Example, while the AVGN has good points about the silver surfer NES games, is it necessary to just use his criticisms of the game? Are you not capable of your own arguments against or support of an software, video game or otherwise?
      • or how about Mr Plinkett's viewpoints on the prequels? Are you not able to criticize those films without lines that you took from his videos on them?
        • You can cite other reviewer's viewpoints as an example of the negative recepticon (or somehow positive) of the software, however.
  • Do not plagiarize from other reviewers and website's articles on software for use on an article.
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